Travelling in Greece

A holiday in Spain or Italy is very rejuvenating and pleasant thanks to the sunshine, glorious food, amazing destinations and of course the beautiful culture. If you are in SpainItaly for a vacation and you are not really ready to leave behind the sunshine and fun then you can consider extending your holiday and travelling to the Alps or Greece. The Alps is located north of Spain and Greece is towards the south. Both are mesmerizingly beautiful and great places to vacation in, therefore you can take your pick to make your holiday even better!

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For many tourists, travelling to Greece is a life-altering experience because of the spectacular landscapes. There is plenty to see and do here, therefore if you are planning to head to Greece from Italy then make sure you set aside a good number of days here to enjoy whatever Greece has to offer. If you loved the food of Grecian themed restaurants in worcester then you will love dining in Greece. Whether it is the street food or the food served in fine dining restaurants, you will be treating your taste buds to the wonderful taste of Greek cuisine in which there is extensive use of olive oil and herbs.

If you like drinking then be sure to taste Mastiha while is exclusively available on the islands of Chios. For adventure lovers, the climb on the Meteora rocks is quite exhilarating and enjoyable. If you like exploring marine life and the clear blue waters of Greece then take a diving tour in one of the coves. All these are special and rare experiences that you can have only in Greece, therefore you should get your fill of enjoyment while vacationing in Greece.

After visiting Greece, it is only natural that you will miss its food sometimes. While going back to Greece may not be viable in the near future, you can always hunt for Grecian themed restaurants back in Worcester. Always look for a restaurant that offers genuine Greek cuisine and is reasonably priced in order to have a good time. Of course, if your budget is large then you can also try out fine dining Grecian themed restaurants as there are quite a handful of such restaurants in Worcester.

If you like hills and snow then you should head over to the Alps up in the North instead. Ski lovers will adore a vacation in the Alps because there are plenty of ski locations here. Of course the beauty of the mountains makes the skiing experience all the more precious! You can also enjoy riding the chairlift to see the landscapes of the Alps. Of course this will prove to be quite frightening for those with acrophobia, but the scenery will make it worthwhile just observe the safety rules like remaining seated on the chair and keeping the safety bar in place and you will be fine!

If skiing is not actually your cup of tea then you can try hiking in the Alps. There are also plenty of interesting museums in the Alps that can be explored such as the Ski Museum in Kitzbuhel, the Alpines Skisportsmuseum in Murren, the Musee Alpin in Chaminox and so on. Alpine villages are also a good destination for exploration, you will find plenty of old churches here.