Planning a European Journey

If you are a budget traveler planning to backpack around Europe, this article may come helpful to you. The article contains some useful backpack travel tips, the countries to visit, and a separate section on a travel route starting from Worcester (specifically for the backpack enthusiasts from Aylesbury looking for places to stay in aylesbury). Let us get rolling.

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Eurail Pass

This is the single most important tip when it comes to budget traveling around Europe. Get an Eurail pass for yourself and you can travel to up to as many as 27 countries all over Europe with the help of the pass. Now, these passes come in two different kinds. One allows you to board the trains for a certain number of days within a set time-frame (e.g., 20 days within 2 months). With the other variety, you can travel continuously for a set number of days (e.g., 20 days in a row). Pretty neat that, and what kind of pass you will go for will depend solely on the kind of tour you have envisioned for yourself. If you are short of time and are looking to travel as many countries as possible in a limited number of days, no doubt you should opt for the second variety.

In that case, our tip is that you choose a specific part of Europe and cover as many places as possible that fall in that part of the continent. For example, you can choose to start from Worcester and come down and visit France, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal and other Mediterranean countries. Alternatively, you may choose to go for the countries north to the Alps and make a round of the Scandinavian vistas.

How much time to spend in each country?

Again, this depends on the time you have at your disposal as well as on your personal preferences. If you only have a month to spend before you go back to your autumn semester, it goes without saying that you cannot afford to spend more than 1-2 days in each country (excluding the travel time). However, if you are out on the road for 2-3 months, you may easily devote 3-4 days at each of the countries you visit.

Route from Worcester

If you are starting from the city of Worcester, you can take a train from Worcester to Ashford and then reach Calais through the Euro Tunnel. From thereon, you can start taking the trains using your Eurail pass and according to your planned itinerary.